Questioning the role of the composer and the sound engineer as well as the subjective dimension of visual notation, this piece showcases a multitracked ensemble performance in which six musicians are interpreting a visual score.

Each colour in the score is associated to a different instrument: grey – piano, black – double bass, white – flute, red – viola, yellow – trumpet and purple – trombone.The video was made using the EAnalysis software for analysis of electroacoustic music created by Pierre Couprie at De Montfort University.

As guidelines for the musicians, the top of the image was associated with order whilst the bottom was chaos. I was interested in putting together subjective interpretations of these guidelines into a cohesive piece. Each instrument was multi-tracked in the studio and the performances took place only after extensive talks between myself and the musician, questioning all potential interpretations of the visuals. Musicians were encouraged to not listen to each other but devise their own subjective range.

The name of the piece is a spin on Cyndi Lauper’s pop song Girls just wanna have fun and it addresses the male dominance in the field of music technology and electroacoustic music. All the performers in the piece are men and not a single woman was present in the research material used for the piece. This is emphasised by the pink background – a colour stereotypically associated with ‘girls’.


Ronan Breslin
Cavan Campbell
Kaspar Hensel
Paul Murray
Adam Scott
Paul Wilson

Format: Audio-Visual, 5.1 Surround
Duration: 3 minutes, 53 seconds
Excerpt: 30 seconds in web page background.

Watch the full version here