In the summer of 2014, after three years in the UK, I proclaimed myself ‘not a feminist but…’ on Facebook. I shared a Huffington post article on gender differences in social interactions with which I claimed to resonate a little. A friend commented and asked why I considered myself not a feminist and I remember not being able to articulate why but feeling flooded by images of women that hate men, women that are using their gender as a form of privilege while being too whiney to just deal with shit, women that don’t have the sex appeal or power…

there is space to… flow

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Date : 17th February 2023
there is space to… flow

// ‘there is space to…’ is a monthly relational sounding event I run at Concordia University while I’m a visiting doctoral researcher here. This month, there is space to flow – if you’re in Montreal join in: 23rd of February, 5pm. Read more…