Atomic mass 26.9815385(7) is an audio-visual performance project done in collaboration with Christine Cornwell and performed at the Interim Degree Show at Glasgow School of Art, 2016.

The project is split into three section. For the first and last section it uses a 1956 stop-motion animation commercial for aluminium products as visual material, edited and processed by Christine and myself. The middle part descends into a sonic explanation of Pierre Schaeffer’s four different types of sonic mass: tonic, complex, variable and nondescript.

The name of the project is using the physical property of mass for Aluminium and it’s real value 26.9815385(7) to connect the visual content and Schaeffer’s concept of mass.

For sound we used two violins, voice, a range of percussion instruments and real-time effects processing.

Format: Audio-Visual, Live Performance
Duration: 20 minutes
Excerpt: 30 seconds in web page background.