I am an intense vocal performer, a sound performance maker, a fierce collaborator.

It’s been almost four years now since I started using my voice again. For me the voice is not just a tool that creates ornaments, it’s a way of knowing myself and the world – a tool to sense through. And it exists entangled with a complex body, a body of contradictions, displacements, tensions and pleasure. I use this voice to paint sonic worlds, most often in collaboration with others.

For the majority of my professional life I existed within British academic institutions. I heard an orchestra for the first time at 19 when I left my home in Bucharest to study music technology in Birmingham, UK. Through electroacoustic music I learnt to listen in micro-detail. Through spectral analysis theories I learnt to analyse and represent sound. By working with musicians I learnt representation is not enough.

I became fascinated by the inner lives of musicians – their idiosyncracies, predispositions, felt resonances to the inside and outside world. How to nurture, enable and capture authentic expresivity. The pandemic forced the site of inquiry to become my own body, a place where residual trauma tensions didn’t allow me to perform in front of others for 10 years. What emerged is still unfolding – a story of becoming that learns how to tell itself each day. In the meantime, you’ll find me leading relational sounding workshops informed by my neurodiversity, doing impromptu vocal improvisations and creating new pieces in intimate and care-full settings.