there is space to… flow

Date : 17th February 2023



// ‘there is space to…’ is a monthly relational sounding event I run at Concordia University while I’m a visiting doctoral researcher here. This month, there is space to flow – if you’re in Montreal join in: 23rd of February, 5pm.


What I have to say is that I see you. I come from my healing with compassion and sensibility but also with courage, desire for change, desire for joy. I am tired of being sad. I am tired of making myself small, hiding behind various things. I have a desire to be seen, to be acknowledged and I want to acknowledge you too. Not in infinite word soup conversations, not this time. This time in sensory motion. How is it that you are moved? How are you en-sounded? How do you play and what brings you joy? This month there is space to flow. In my practice I drift with voice – I do an inventory of the felt and use the voice to sense it back. I have learnt to make space for a range of feelings. When together we feel what we feel – distraction, memory, tension, curiosity, body, air, and everything in between. My neurodiversity informs the design of a space in which you don’t need to be anything other than exactly what you are in this moment. A space to release ‘should be-s’, a space to feel that what is here is already enough. There is already an abundance of everything that you might need – no hustle necessary.


I am getting a lot of pleasure out of ‘being in flow’. For me flow is a state of abandon, a generative state of newness, of surprises, of peak truths. But wanting to be in flow or trying to be in flow doesn’t get one in flow. The willpower to find flow must be sprinkled in a room like a perfume then forgotten, oversensed into normalcy.

Play, curiosity, generative tension, observation, reaction without comprehension, abandon, a certain trust in the universe, trust that no harm will happen, trust that the magic that’s there and is being accessed is beyond what I can consciously concoct anyway so the best way to befriend it is to glide alongside it – these are things that help. For me, connecting with this deeper fabric of the universe is what flow is. This month I want to find ways into it and out of it.


The proposed framework is simple: 3x20minute moments of improvisation with conversations in between. I make openings for the voice and body, but you can improvise with whatever works for you. We discover what we need together, and we shift the fabric as we need to. I see you. I hope you see me too.


Adriana Minu,

Feb 2023